Begging during the day and reading law at night: The most inspiring story of Pakistan’s first transgender lawyer Nisha Rao

Begging during the day and Studying law at night: The most inspiring story of Pakistan's first transgender lawyer Nisha Rao

Lahore: 28-year-old Nisha Rao became the first transgender lawyer in Pakistan. Nisha Rao used to beg in the morning and go to college in the evening. She has also dealt with more than 50 cases of eunuchs and others. Nisha Rao says that when she used to beg, she was terrified of the police. The police abused the transgender people and spoke harshly.

Then one of my teachers Mudassar Iqbal Chaudhry, advised me to become a lawyer. You will not need to be afraid of anyone, but the police will be afraid of you to put this advice into practice. I started the journey of advocacy. Nisha Rao graduated from Sindh Muslim Law College in 2018 with a law degree, and now she fights the cases of other people, including eunuchs. She is increasingly involved in other social work, including helping her community. In her advocacy journey, Nisha Rao has seen many ups and downs in her life.

She belongs to Lahore. But after matriculation, she fled to Karachi to escape herself from the beatings of her family. Where Nisha Rao spent ten years begging and with the same money she studied law.

Facing the most difficult situations, everyone feels ashamed to keep them at home, but they are not ashamed to have a bad attitude towards these eunuchs. If they are accepted and educated respectfully, they can lead a normal life like other people.


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