Five people were injured, and three vehicles were destroyed in the shelling of Houthi rebels in Saudi Arabia.

Who sent the envelope of poisonous material to US President Trump?

Who sent the envelope of poisonous material to US President Trump?

Riyadh: Yemen’s Houthi rebels fired shells at the Saudi border area, injuring five people and completely destroying three vehicles. According to the international news agency, Houthi rebels from Yemen shelled the Al-Harith area of ​​Jazan, a border town of Saudi Arabia. The shells landed on residential buildings and vehicles parked in them, destroying three vehicles and damaging buildings.

Meanwhile, the Civil Defense Department of Jazan has claimed that significant damage has been avoided by taking timely action. Immediate medical aid has been provided to the injured, and residents of the area have been shifted to a safe place while securing the border. Heavy contingent deployed.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Houthi rebels claimed three lives in the attack on a social networking site, saying the shelling was carried out at a coalition checkpoint, denying Saudi allegations of shelling the civilian area. It should be noted that four years have passed since the fierce battle between the coalition forces and the Houthi rebels in Yemen, and now the Houthi rebels have fired drones, ballistic missiles, and artillery shells at the civilian population and installations from the border areas to Saudi Arabia has started targeting.


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