Four Pakistanis arrested in France on terrorism charges

Four Pakistanis arrested in France on terrorism charges
Four Pakistanis arrested in France on terrorism charges

According to the French Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office, four other Pakistanis have been arrested on suspicion of having links with a Pakistani national. Who attacked two people with a sharp object outside the old offices of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The detained Pakistani youths are between the ages of 17 and 21. Sources with knowledge of the case said that all four persons were in touch with the attacker. They were aware of the attacker’s plan and incited him to attack.

Three of the detainees have been charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism on Friday and are in custody pending trial, while a fourth has already been charged on Wednesday. The third was captured in the southwestern city of Giroud, the third in the coastal city of Cannes, and the fourth in the capital, Paris.

Sources said that their views were similar to those of the assailant and that one of them had expressed his hatred of France a few days before the attack. The conviction comes after a man who attacked and killed the staff of magazine Charlie Hebdo in January 2015. At the start of the trial, the magazine republished blasphemous sketches in early September. Three weeks later, a Pakistani man attacked outside the magazine’s old offices, injuring two people. Zaheer Hassan, 25, was killed in September. He was arrested on charges and is now in custody.
He told investigators that he had watched “videos from Pakistan” before the attack about the magazine’s reprinting of the blasphemous sketches. Patty was beheaded.


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