In the Mediterranean Sea, France deployed fighter jets and a C-130H.


France is profoundly concerned about the role of Turkey on Mediterranean oil and gas exploration ambitions.Fighter jets and a military frigate near Cyprus are reported as being reported in order to contend for Turkish invasion of the water of EU members.
The Cyprus media has reported that at the present time two French Rafale fighter jets and a C-130H support aircraft have landed at a base on the island and foreign media reports Paris also deploys a frigate of the military service ‘Lafayette’ on this area. President Emmanuel announced on Twitter Wednesday.
Earlier in a week Turkey conducted own military exercises near Greek waters, off the east islands of Greece, and immediately reported that Erdogan had sent an unstable Oruc Reis exploration ship with an armed escort.
The Turkish doctric argues that, despite its statements regarding the dubious Turkish Republic of Cyprus, it is largely based on decoding the waters across the whole of Cyprus, as an act of “unilateral” prospection.
It is widely understood as a clear, but serious diacritical, transparent “letter” from Turkey, which supports the rule of Greece over it water.
“I think it is very clear within NATO that I won’t support this hands-off approach – ‘oh, we have two NATO partners so we will not go into the detail.’ I have discussed that with Secretary-General [Jens] Stoltenberg we contribute to NATO and are allies… and when we feel that an member of NATO behaves in ways that challenge our interests, we do not anticipate a reciprocal response from NATO, ‘We do not want to intervene in your internal differences.


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