Turkish Assembly declared French President Cursed man.

The Turkish Assembly declared French President Cursed man.

The Turkish National Assembly also has approved a memorandum condemning French President Emmanuel Macron and declared him as a Cursed man.

According to Turkish media, the General Committee of the National Assembly approved the memorandum. According to which the French President declared Cursed man for making anti-Islamic statements.

The memorandum states that French President Emmanuel Macron curses provocative statements and blasphemous sketches against Islam and the last prophet of Muslims. Muslim world leaders appeal to the United Nations that, they should reconsider their attitude and use common sense.

On the other hand, the Pakistani Prime Minister. While playing a significant role against blasphemous sketches, has written a letter to the heads of Islamic countries. In which urging them to unite on blasphemy and Islamophobia. So that a clear message can be given to the world, and let the Western countries to be told that how the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is to close to us.

Imran Khan wrote in his letter that just as Jews abide by the ban on criticism of the Holocaust. So they should respect the beliefs of Muslims.


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