Govt likely to lunch Ehsaas petrol cards

Govt likely to lunch Ehsaas petrol cards
Govt likely to lunch Ehsaas petrol cards

The PTI-led federal government plans to introduce Ehsaas Petrol Cards for motorcyclists, which would allow them to purchase fuel at a discounted price.
In the forthcoming fiscal year 2022-23 budget, the government also seeks to enhance the salaries of public sector employees.
Despite a survey by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) revealing that top Pakistani bureaucrats are higher paid and privileged than UN staff, there is no consideration for monetizing bureaucratic perks and privileges.
Prime Minister Imran Khan alluded to market-based salaries in a recent remark, but only to raise the question of why luxury houses, vehicles, fuel, and a slew of other allowances — which count as perks and privileges — are being phased out and replaced with take-home pay.
According to an official announcement made here on Thursday, Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Shaukat Tarin chaired the meeting of the Macro-Economic Advisory Group (MEAG) at the Finance Division.
The meeting considered proposals like subsidized fuel, tax reliefs, rise in income/minimum wages, internships (for educated unemployed), economic reforms especially in the energy sector, and finally build further on the growth momentum with 5.6% GDP growth, 15% rise in exports, over 10% increase in remittances and record tax collection by building up further business confidence and remove bureaucratic hurdles, and ensure maintenance of consistent policies.
The main macroeconomic indicators of Pakistan’s economy were discussed during the meeting. MEAG members expressed satisfaction with the economy’s growth.


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