Gujranwala: ASI rape the girl who came to help against thugs

Gujranwala: ASI Rape The girl who came to help against thugs

Gujranwala: ASI Rape The girl who came to help against thugs

In Gujranwala, it was costly for the daughter to file a petition against the obscene youth. The police officer raped the daughter under the pretext of inquiry. The victim continued to beat her beard while talking to the media.

According to the details, the girl and her father filed a complaint against the Arup police station’s obscene persons. During the interrogation, the ASI allegedly raped the girl. The incident took place on September 9 in the Bismillah Colony area of ‚Äč‚ÄčArup police station. Instead of taking action against the obscene youth, the police officer raped the girl. The girl was rushed to a hospital for medical treatment.

Senior police officers mobilized to rescue the ASI evangelist, and the girl was pressured to deviate from the statement. The girl was fed up with the police’s attitude, and the victim applied to CPO Gujranwala for justice. The victim and her mother wept bitterly over the atrocities committed against them. The girl said that the ASI abused her and kept calling her sister.

The victim girl petitioned CPO Gujranwala for justice. CPO Rai Babar ordered an inquiry by SP Saddar and SP Civil Line, but several police officers were active in rescuing the Patti brothers.


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