Humanitarian crisis intensifies in Yemen, UN warns

Humanitarian crisis intensifies in Yemen, UN warns

Humanitarian crisis intensifies in Yemen, UN warns

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen had exacerbated during the civil war and the Corona before the Yemeni people faced such a dire situation and humanitarian crisis, where the Yemeni citizens are fighting the humanitarian crisis and the civil war. At the same time, the global epidemic Corona Has wreaked more havoc, as the notion of human life in Yemen seems to be fading.

In Yemen, where there is a shortage of food, there is a shortage of medicines, necessities like electricity, gas, necessities of life have become scarce, infrastructure has been destroyed, the dialysis machine is useless for a person suffering from kidney disease. It will be able to run the wheel of life. Even petrol is not available in hospitals due to the high cost of running generators. People are in a life and death struggle.

Due to the increase in petrol prices, it has become difficult for citizens to travel. The taxi driver says that if there was such expensive petrol, how would he have spent it, how would he feed the children? The port has been hit hard by Saudi coalition forces fighting Houthi rebels, shutting down trade and sending UN aid ships back, as Houthi rebel attacks have disrupted commercial flights. Due to the suspension of flights, the relief supplies brought for the victims could not reach, due to which the humanitarian crisis is becoming more serious, two million people are facing a food shortage.

Urgent food supplies are urgently needed in Yemen as the situation is worsening due to the coronavirus, as the virus is spreading rapidly due to inadequate medical facilities to deal with the Corona. The coronavirus has killed 587 people and infected 2,030. The United Nations has expressed concern in its third report on the humanitarian crisis and human rights in Yemen. Experts say that for the third year in a row, the parties to the conflict have committed, and continue to commit, human rights violations, some of which may lead to war crimes, which need to be investigated.


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