Always loyal to John Cena, ex-fiance: Nikki Bella

Always loyal to John Cena, ex-fiance: Nikki Bella
Always loyal to John Cena, ex-fiance: Nikki Bella

“I have always been loyal to John Cena,” said Nikki Bella, a former fiance of Hollywood star and well-known wrestler John Cena.

In 2018, the world-famous wrestler divorced his fiance Nikki Bella. Just a month before their marriage after living with her for six years.

WWE superstar quietly married his Iranian girlfriend Shi Shariat, but the marriage has not been announced yet.

Shi Shariat and John Cena have been in a relationship since 2019. Now they both married.

According to foreign media, the wedding ceremony was very simple, but no announcement has been made by John Cena in this regard yet. It is expected Johan Cena announce his marriage in the next few days.

The wrestler’s wife, Shi Shariat, said that she was a Canadian citizen of Iranian descent.

He has spent most of his life in Canada. Fans are congratulating John Cena after the news of the wedding came out.

It should be noted that this is John Cena’s second marriage before he married a fellow female wrestler.

Which ended after many years after a long relationship.

On John Cena’s second marriage. Nikki Bella Ex-Fiance of Johan Cena expressed her best wishes, saying that she has always been loyal to John Cena and that when she joined Dancing with Stars in 2017. She had no emotional attachment.



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