Eight children were killed by a Gunman in a School Attack

Eight Childen were killed by a Gunman in School Attack in Cameroon

Eight Children were killed by a Gunman in School Attack in Cameroon

Yaounde: Armed and knife-wielding assailants targeted a school in the Central African country of Cameroon, killing eight students and injuring several others.

According to the International News Agency, plainclothes motorcyclists attack the Mother Francisca International Bi-Language Academy in Kumba, Cameroon. The assailants indiscriminately opened fire on the school and stabbed the fugitives to save their lives.

A brutal attack on a school that was restored a month later this year killed eight children and injured 13. The dead and injured have been shifted to a nearby hospital where the condition of four children is said to be critical. Some children were injured when they jumped from the second floor of the school to save their lives.

No militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack. English and French are spoken in Cameroon, and there are language-based separatist movements whose clashes with government forces are commonplace.


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