In-laws torture stage dancer Payal Chaudhry

In-laws torture stage dancer Payal Chaudhry

In-laws torture stage dancer Payal ChaudhryStage dancer Payal Chaudhry has been tortured by her in-laws. Payal Chaudhry was tortured by her father-in-law Haji Niaz, uncle-in-law, and others. The actress lodged a complaint against the incident at Harbanspura police station.

Payal Chaudhry said that those who work in showbiz are also human beings, it is not that if someone is working on stage, She has no respect, she has no place in the society, whoever wants to bully and oppress. She has got married, she has not committed any crime, her father has also been killed, her life is in danger from her in-laws, so any legal action should be taken. Payal Chaudhry said that she was tortured many times after marriage. She appealed to the higher authorities to get the car recovered from the in-laws.


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