5 more Educational Institutions sealed in Islamabad Due to increase in Covid Cases

5 more Educational Institutions sealed in islamabad Due to increase in Covid Cases

Five more educational institutions have been sealed in the Federal capital Islamabad due to an increase in covid cases. According to details, 2 cases of Coronavirus were reported in a private school located in Sector G-8 of Islamabad, besides 2 cases of Covid-19 were also confirmed in Islamabad Model College for Girls.

District Health Officer Zaeem Zia said that 2 covid cases were found in a private school located in F-8 of the Federal capital, coronavirus was found in 2 students in a private school located in Sector G-7/2, while in Islamabad at another private school in the same area, two cases of Covid were confirmed, which led to the decision to seal the five educational institutions.

Earlier, a smart lockdown was imposed in the Federal capital Islamabad. 10 streets in 3 sectors of the city were sealed. Street No. 38, 44, 45, as well as 46, 47, 48 of Sector G-10/4, have also been sealed.

District Health Officer Islamabad says timely lockdown can reduce the spread of covid cases, 88 cases of the covid were reported in one day in Islamabad, to stop the spread of cases we have to move towards smart lockdown, people and institutions should cooperate to get rid of Covid completely.
On the other hand, due to the increase in cases of covid-19 in Punjab province, the micro-smart lockdown has been carried out. According to the report, all the districts of the province are covered under the micro-smart lockdown. So far, 856 places across the province have been sealed under the micro-smart lockdown, as 1235 people in these areas are infected with the covid. Where 7295 people have been quarantined.


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