Increasing rape cases in Pakistan and Lame Arguments

Increasing rape cases in Pakistan and Lame Arguments

This article is a guest post by Nouman Khan on the topic “Increasing rape cases in Pakistan and Lame Arguments”.

The expanding number of assault cases the nation over have set off a discussion regarding why there is a steep expansion in rape constantly. A little however powerful fragment of society accepts that the casualties are accused of their absence of purported humility and immaculateness. Such inhumane remarks about assault casualties consistently bring out cruel responses from society’s expansive parts, and as it should be. In any case, there is a predominant idea in these cultural sections that the ones who are assaulted or explicitly attacked are liable for wrongdoings submitted against them.

Ladies who adventure outside the bounds of their homes are viewed as lacking unobtrusiveness and thusly welcome the culprits to carry out sexual violations against them. In a man-centric culture like Pakistan, casualty accusing is as often as possible used to tell ladies that they ought to stay inside the dividers of their homes to forestall assault, rape, or badgering submitted against them. This absolutely imperfect contention disregards that colleagues carry out the vast majority of the sexual violations and these wrongdoings happen either at home or close to the region.

Another fallacious argument is that the so-called westernization and exposure to obscene content on the internet and television are responsible for a sharp rise in sexual crimes. Many websites and social media applications have been banned on the pretext that these platforms disseminate indecent content. As if denying access to these platforms will eradicate sexual crimes in our society.

These misconceptions will continue to be peddled unless we understand that sexual crimes are not about sex and lust alone. Research by psychologists and sociologists have shown that sexual crimes are all about power. Perpetrators of these crimes involve in such crimes to assert their so-called male authority. In the layered structure of violence, women have to go through an extra layer of sexual violence. Regardless of their class or social capital, a majority of women have to go through this ordeal one way or another.

In the event that the difficulty’s main driver is distinguished effectively, significant mediations could kill the issue. In the event that we keep on accusing casualties and lay the duty of sexual wrongdoings on the entryway of purported profanity and obscenity, it will just increment such violations. Sexual violations like assault influence the person in question, however, the entire family experiences the injury, and more often than not, this injury is sent to the following ages. Such wrongdoings have expansive social and mental impacts. In this way, the destruction of these violations needs multi-faceted methodologies.

It is fitting for more auxiliary issues to be distinguished with the goal that deliberate mediations ought to be made. The force structure, which is inclined vigorously against ladies, must be changed in accordance with being treated as an equivalent resident. Equivalent open doors in schooling, work, wellbeing, and governmental issues would prompt ladies liberation in the genuine sense.

Men likewise should be taught that ladies are equivalent individuals, and they shouldn’t play a supportive role to men. Men need to get down on these bogus stories based on the deceptive understandings of religion and social standards to destroy sex predispositions. They should be sharpened with respect to the issues looked at by the other sexual orientation. Co-Education is likewise considered against our strict and social qualities and is liable for advancing youth foulness. Yet, the fact of the matter is unique. At the point when young men and young ladies interface with one another, they get sharpened in regards to issues of the contrary sex. Along these lines isolation and good policing are not the answers for destroying sexual wrongdoings, but rather the inverse is.

Numerous strict orders are misjudged and abused to propagate male strength and male-centric society. In the event that ladies are to given their real status, which is agreed to them by Islam, the precise understanding of Islamic lessons concerning ladies’ respect must be spread. Both state and the platform need to assume their part in such a manner.

In conclusion, the shame joined to sexual violations keeps the casualties from approaching and revealing badgering and sexual savagery against them. The survivors of such wrongdoings are seen as having lost their respect; in this manner, they don’t come out to share their misery. The groups of casualties deter them from unveiling their difficulty since they need to go through open disgracing. This ostrich attitude must be relinquished. One ought to comprehend that the casualty isn’t the person who loses poise yet the culprit who loses pride, and he is the person who should be treated as a criminal instead of the person in question.


Profound situated misinterpretations and false notions take ages to be changed however to bring a change, steps ought to be taken the correct way. The informed and illuminated sections of society need to assume their helpful function in it. Really at that time would we be able to make a general public where ladies could assume a helpful function in the country working unafraid of being bothered or threatened.

Men need to get down on these bogus accounts based on the deceptive understandings of religion and social standards to destroy sexual orientation inclinations. They should be sharpened with respect to the issues looked at by the other sex.



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