India is the second-largest country with Corona victims, struggling to control it.

India is the second-largest country with Corona victims, struggling to control it.

Corona wars continue around the world; India is the second-largest affected country in the world. Where the number of victims is close to seven million, India is likely to be the most affected country in the number of victims, another nine hundred and twenty-six deaths. The number has risen to 107,450. On the other hand, in the last 24 hours, 72,272 cases have been reported in India while 926 deaths have been reported. One thousand deaths are taking place in India every day.

The old cemetery of the Indian capital Delhi is full of dead people from Corona. When space is depleted, the place will be made by machine bulldozers, but the citizens are not serious. Social distance has become unnecessary. After a severe lockdown in the wave, the fear of Corona has been forgotten in the second wave, and citizens say that the people have stopped taking it seriously. There is no social distance, and no security measures are enforced, people wear masks when they see the police.

Despite being a more impoverished capita than France and the United States, Delhi has fewer cases. Still, the virus is now spreading rapidly, which health experts have expressed concern about, saying there are no COVID test kits, and health care is needed. However, according to official statistics, the number of corona cases and deaths could be much higher, while the majority of the population is no longer caring for cod.

On the other hand, the markets in Delhi are also crowded with people leaving their homes unnecessarily without any security measures. It is the festive season in India due to which the government is warning the people to take precautionary measures.

Corona wars continue around the world. So far, 37,119,547 people have been infected with the virus, 1,072,825 have died, and 27,902,493 have recovered from the virus. And for the first time in more than 100,000 European countries, including the United Kingdom, the World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern and called for more immediate action to control the virus.


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