Indian actress Sana Khan quits showbiz for the sake of Islam

Indian actress Sana Khan quits showbiz for the sake of Islam

Famous Bollywood actress Sana Khan, who became famous from Bigg Boss Season 6, has announced to leave the showbiz industry for the sake of Islam. Sana Khan says that she will now spend her life in the service of humanity and according to the commands of Allah Almighty. On Instagram, Sana Khan posted a lengthy message about her new life journey which she has shared in English and Urdu so that her cross-border fans can also be aware of this critical decision.

Sana Khan started her message with the name of Allah Tabarak Almighty and wrote, “Today, at a critical juncture in her life, she is talking to the loved ones that she has worked in the showbiz industry for a long time, and during that time She also received a lot of respect, wealth, fame and the love of the fans for which she is grateful to everyone. Even after getting everything, she is still in a dilemma, and there are many questions that she is trying to answer.

She asked if the purpose of our life is to gain fame. Don’t we have to help the needy? Shouldn’t we think that we could die at any moment? And what will happen to us after we die?

She has been searching for answers to all these questions for the last several days. When she found her answers in the light of Islam, she found that the purpose of our worldly life is to improve the Hereafter, and this is possible only when we follow the commands of Allah Almighty. The purpose of our life is not to gain wealth and fame but to serve humanity while avoiding sins.

Sana Khan wrote that she will leave the showbiz industry and dedicate her entire life to the service of humanity. She is determined to follow the command of Allah Almighty, appealing for prayers from all her loved ones and saying, “Everything is for her.” Pray that she will always stick to her decision. Sana Khan requested that no one invite her to any showbiz job anymore. In the caption of her Instagram post, Sana Khan wrote that this is the best of her life. Happy moment

Sana Khan started her career in Bollywood with modeling, dance, and acting. She also starred in Season 6 of 2012’s Bigg Boss from where she gained fame. Famous movies, Mambato Goa, Halla Bol, and Toilet. An interview was given by Sana Khan some time ago.


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