Iraqi Bank announces 10 million Dinar loan for second marriages

Iraqi Bank announces 10 million Dinar loan for second marriages

Many people, despite being married, want a second marriage, some express it, but many people suppress this desire and wait for the right time. This is good news for those with this desire. if you are in Iraq, a local Iraq bank, Al-Rashid, has introduced a scheme for remarriage that pays you in Dinar.

A private bank is running the scheme in Iraq for its employees in which a second-married employee will receive 8,400 US dollars. That is about 10 million Iraqi dinars. However, the amount will be in the form of a loan which will have to be repaid to the bank in easy instalments.

A Bank Al-Rasheed official told the media that each person would receive a loan of US 8 8,400 from the bank on his second marriage. But the condition is that the person who remarries has not taken a loan before.

Young people in Iraq are fed up with the economic situation and are not thinking about marriage. While many are working abroad. The number of elderly virgins in Iraq has reached 70%.

In such a situation, the scheme of the bank has been well received and the decision of the bank management is being appreciated.


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