Is cricket again become part of the Olympics?

Is cricket again becomes part of the Olympics?

The ICC (International Cricket Council) has sent out a questionnaire to all member states asking for suggestions that, on how much they expect from cricket and Olympic organizers if cricket participates in the Olympics. ۔

Another question is to what extent the benefits can be reaped if cricket is included in the 2028 Scheduled Olympics in Los Angeles permanently or on a trial basis.

Forms sent to ICC member countries which have been directed to be returned by November 2, after which the proposals will be considered at the ICC meeting later of this month.

The ICC sent similar questionnaires to member countries about two years ago. However, efforts to include cricket in the Olympics is gaining momentum.

According to cricket experts, most of the cricket boards can reap economic benefits from participating in the Olympics. The proposal could be welcomed, especially in the wake of the Corona epidemic and the financial losses to cricket boards.

Cricket was included in the 1900 Paris Olympics 120 years ago. In which Belgium and the Netherlands withdrew from it, while in the only played match in the event, Britain defeated France by 158 runs.


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