Islamabad police is failed to deliver security to the citizens


On night of 13, August, 2020. The heartrending incident happend in f-10/ Markaz, within the boundary of shalimar police station. A minor issue between two groups converted into terrible situation. Both groups opened fire against each other. Due to which 2 people died and several injured. At the time of this incident no police Officer was present there. This incident happend only 2km away from the Shalimar police station. This incident clearly deliver the message, that Islamabad police is failing to protect citizens. And no one is willing to raise this issue because of the terror of mafia groups and VIP culture is increasing day by day in Islamabad. And authorities are trying to cover the incompetence of Islamabad police. After the incident, Islamabad police took the nails of conscience and arrested the culprits and recovered weapons from them.


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