As a matter of fact, Islamabad has been geographically located within the province of Punjab and this federal capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the world having a major portion of its population, being highly educated and literate. This beautiful city has more than one million the population has a very huge dilemma which has been there since good. Despite being the city with the most percentage of literate citizens in the country, the student of this city is deprived of a very right to serve in any province. Despite being counted in the quota of Punjab in the central superior services examinations the students with the Islamabad domicile are not allowed to appear in the Provincial Management services examinations.

We are living in a country where poverty is getting almost every inch riped and government service is considered as a way out of it along with the job security element it offers, yet things have changed over time and it is heading towards the concept of survival of the fittest and this had significantly increased the shift towards the government services and in such situation when the students of the federal capital are restricted or rather limited to their right to serve within any part or province falling within the state of Pakistan.

This element is a huge matter of concern and needs to be paid heed to by the government since this is huge discrimination as it greatly limits the opportunities for the students of Islamabad and has raised a sense of depravedness among them. The government can easily get these students out of this sense by merely including the Islamabad quota as part of PMS Punjab since it is geographically supported and practically applied in the CSS examinations. One other way to get through this would be to introduce another examination like PMS for the students of Islamabad which will greatly solve the problems of the students of Islamabad.


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