Islamophobia record rise in Germany.

Islamophobia record rise in Germany.
Islamophobia record rise in Germany.

The Interior Ministry has released a critical report on the growing hate incidents against Muslims in Germany.
According to the report, 188 Muslim citizens fell victim to Islamophobia and racism this year, while 13 mosques were targeted between April and June 2020.
According to the report, dozens of Muslims have been subjected to physical and verbal violence in public places this year, while nine Muslim civilians have been injured.
Police are conducting a large-scale investigation into the suspects, but no arrests have been made.
According to a report released by the German Interior Ministry, 40 out of 188 anti-Muslim incidents took place in the German capital Berlin.
The last few years have seen an increase in Islamophobia and racism in Germany due to the anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant sentiments of the right-wing opposition party (AFD).
It should be noted that during the last year 2019, the popularity of AFD for expressing anti-Islam and anti-immigrant sentiments decreased by 14%.


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