Israel launches strikes on Gaza Strip


The Israeli military has pummeled the Gaza Strip for a fourth consecutive night. The air raids ar same to return in response to explosive and incendiary balloon attacks by Palestinian militants.
At least 3 locations, together with the Khan Younis port, were targeted by Israeli craft late on Friday. Drones, also as many fighter jets, were noticed within the space, native media rumored.

The Israeli military confirmed it had been behind the attack, oral communication the strikes were a tit-for-tat response when explosive balloons were floated into Israeli territory
While the makeshift attacks, administrated victimization balloons or kites as weapons, seldom cause injuries or casualties, city says that they need broken crops and sparked bush fires.

It’s the fourth consecutive night once the military group targeted the Palestinian dominion, underneath Israeli blockade since 2007, anytime citing foreign terrorist organization activities as a pretext


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