Israeli fashion model poses for her country’s brand in the UAE

Israeli fashion model poses for her country's brand in the UAE.

Israeli fashion model poses for her country's brand in the UAE.

Tourism relations between Israel and the UAE have not yet been restored. Still, an Israeli model arrived in the United Arab Emirates and posed a photoshoot with a Russian model of Emirati descent.

Israeli model May Tager came to Dubai for a photoshoot to promote the Israeli brand (Fix) that makes women’s underwear or pajama. She posed for a photoshoot of women’s clothing in the Dubai desert with Russian-born model Anastasia, a resident of the United Arab Emirates.

As tourism relations between the two countries have not been restored so far, the Israeli model did not come directly from the Israeli passport but arrived in the UAE via Europe under another European country’s access. Both models’ images viral on social media, both of them can be seen wearing the national flag of their country.

On August 15, the UAE surprised the world by announcing a historic decision to recognize Israel and establish bilateral relations. Later, on August 29, the UAE government repealed its boycott of Israel law. Then, on August 31, for the first time since the restoration of relations between the two countries, the Israeli flight Al-L arrived in Abu Dhabi from Jerusalem.


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