Javed Miandad apologized after his nephew appointed as ahead coach of Domestic team by PCB.


Former Pakistani cricket team captain Javed Miandad has apologized to Prime Minister Imran Khan after being severely criticized. According to media reports, a few days ago, the former cricketer and former PCB Chief Patron was accused of destroying national cricket.
In a interview yesterday, he said that if anyone was offended by my words, I apologize to him and especially to Prime Minister Imran Khan. He was angry over the performance of the national team in England, so he spoke. I have a lot of respect for Imran Khan and Pakistan cricket fans. Remember that Javed Miandad’s nephew Faisal Iqbal has recently been appointed as the head coach of the domestic team by the PCB. It should be noted that in his video , Javed Miandad to the Prime Minister. “I was your captain, you were not my captain. I will come into politics and explain what politics is. Now I will also talk about politics,” he said. I was the one who teach Imran Khan how to play cricket. I made Imran the Prime Minister. I will come to politics and tell them how to run the system. Javed Miandad further said that God forbid you don’t know what you have become. You are thinking that no one has gone to Oxford except you. Recruit all the ignorant and incompetent people in the cricket board who do not know how to play cricket. Imran Khan cannot give jobs. He has made the players unemployed. Cricketers have come on the road today, some are doing labor, some are riding rickshaws and some are riding bikes. Javed Miandad claimed that you came to my house and became the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister should deny this and show it. I don’t need to meet you or come to you. I tell everyone to be a Pakistani. Treating Sarfraz Ahmed like this is not right. Javed Miandad said that my words are heard all over the world.


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