Jews in Israel hope to return to their hometown of Karachi.

Jews in Israel hope to return to their hometown of Karachi

Jews in Israel hope to return to their hometown of KarachiMany Karachi-born Jews currently living in Israel, following an agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, hope to visit their hometown of Karachi someday.

These Jews, who were born in Pakistan, expressed this idea while talking to a private TV channel in the UAE. At the time of the formation of Pakistan, about 2,500 Jews were living in Karachi. There was a place of worship called “Megan Shalom Synagogue,” located in the Ranchhor Line area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKarachi, which is in the South District of Karachi. It is one of the oldest settlements.

UAE authorities have lifted the ban on telephone calls between them and Israel. People from the UAE can now call Israel.

Mitat, 57, is Jewish, and his family was the last Jewish family to migrate from Pakistan. He said that when his father got married in Karachi in 1957, 600 Jewish families lived in Karachi.

Mitat said he did not want to leave Pakistan. But if there were no compulsions, they would not have left Pakistan. Matt proudly showed his old Pakistani passport. On which their religion is also written. Some other Jews also spoke. They said that they spent their childhood in Karachi, but now many dervishes have been created, but they hope that their way to Pakistan will be paved soon.


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