Joint air force training amid pandemic reflective of China and Pakistan’s deep friendship’

Joint air force training amid pandemic reflective of China and Pakistan's deep friendship'

The China-Pakistan joint air force training amid the Covid-19 pandemic reflects the profound friendship between the two countries. It is conducive to improving the two militaries’ comprehensive combat capability, Chinese experts said on Tuesday.

A batch of Chinese air force troops left for the Pakistan Air Force base near Karachi to participate in a joint air force exercise “Shaheen-IX”. A week after the Chinese defense minister visits the country, according to Global Times. The Chinese defense ministry announced that China and Pakistan would hold the joint air force training dubbed ‘Shaheen-IX’. Which would last until the end of December.

The joint training, part of the 2020 China-Pakistan military cooperation plan, will play a positive role in promoting military relations. It will deepen practical cooperation between the two countries’ air forces. And improving the actual level of combat training of the two forces. This is the ninth time the two air forces have held the “Shaheen” joint training. The first training was held in March 2011, in Pakistan, and the last one was held in Northwest China in August 2019. The training in 2019 involved some 50 aircraft, the most number of personnel, and complete combat units.

Joint Air Force Training

On December 1, Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe met with President Dr. Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Wei said China was willing to work with Pakistan to maintain close communication. Also to enhance strategic mutual trust and coordination, push military-to-military relations to a more intimate level. Jointly respond to various risks and challenges, and firmly uphold the sovereignty and security interests of the two countries as well as regional peace and stability.

Fu Qianshao, told the Global Times that although the joint air force training this year is being held later than in previous years. The fact that it was held as usual shows the deep friendship between China and Pakistan. Besides, the importance of the two countries attaches to military exchanges.

Fu believes that the two militaries can learn a lot through years of exchanges, especially in actual combat training. Which is conducive to improving the comprehensive combat capability of the two militaries. Fu said that India-Pakistan and China-India’s confrontations would not affect the regular military exchanges between China and Pakistan. He also said that India’s frequent military exercises with other countries had given it little reason to question traditional military exchanges.


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