Just a few hours left in the poling of US Presidential Elections

Just a few hours left in the poling of US Presidential Elections

US presidential election: Voting will begin today, November 3, at 5:00 pm Pakistan time, while the US Eastern Zone will start at 7:00 am and will continue uninterrupted until 8:00 pm. The number of registered voters in the United States is about 260 million. More than 90 million voters have already exercised their franchise through Azvoting.

With six different time zones within the United States, polling in different states and territories will begin and end at different times. The states of California, Oregon, Washington, Pacific, and New York, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Ohio. Florida is three hours behind the main time zone. Similarly, the Central Time Zone covers almost all the southern states, including Texas, one and a half hours behind New York or Washington DC. The Mountain Time Zone is 2 hours apart, while Alaska and Hawaii have their time zones.

The two states have no land routes from other US states. Polling in different states and regions of the United States will start and end at different times, according to Pakistani time.

According to Pakistani time, polling may continue till the morning of January 4 in many areas due to different time zones. However, public opinion polls are conducted, and based on these, experts discuss their comments and possible conclusions.

Where there are so many unique traditions in the United States, the chances of a vice-presidential candidate running for president have been meager in the past. Public opinion polls often contradict the results. All now, Hillary Clinton’s popularity was much higher, but the results reversed all public opinion polls and the predictions of Washington’s political pundits.

Although 14 vice presidents have since succeeded to the presidency in American political history, nine of them have had the opportunity to assassinate, die, or resign. Only five vice presidents have served as vice presidents. Exactly five vice presidents who have won the presidential election after completing their term are the ones who lost the presidential election and never became president.

There were no separate candidates for the presidency and vice presidency in the early days of the United States. The first-place candidate became president, and the second-place candidate became vice-president. In the first election in 1788, 12 candidates ran, 69 of them elected. George Washington, who received the vote, became president, and John Adams, who received 34 electoral votes, became vice president. After a similar election in 1796, John Adams himself became president.

Interestingly, three American leaders ran for president first and were later elected vice president. George Clinton was a candidate in the first three elections but failed. Thomas Hendricks, who became vice president in 1800, lost the presidential election in 1872 and won the vice presidency in 1884.

Since the assassination or death of a president, three vice presidents have held the highest office but have not run for office since. John Tyler, on the death of William Henry Harrison in 1841, Andrew Johnson, on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865, and Chester Arthur became president in 1881 following the assassination of James Garfield. After the death of Zachary Taylor in 1850, Millard Fillmore became president and did not run in the 1852 election, but four years later, when he jumped into the fray, he was defeated. Theodore Roosevelt on the assassination of William McConnell in 1801, Calvin College on the death of Warren Harding in 1923, Harry S. Truman on the death of Franklin Roosevelt in 1945, and London B. Johnson on the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 has succeeded himself too.

Gerald Ford is the only politician in US history to have reached the highest office without running for president or vice president. In 1973, he was the leader of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives. The next year, Nixon resigned, and Gerald Ford became president. In 1976, he ran for president but lost.


Five vice presidents have won the presidency after completing their term of office, including John Adams in 1788 and 1792, who won the election in 1796 and became president in 1800. Thomas Jefferson won the presidency in 1792. He lost the election, running for second place in 1796, became vice president, then became president in 1800 and 1804. Martin van Buren became vice president in 1832 and president in 1836. He lost the presidential election in 1840 and did not run in 1844. In 1848 he tried his luck again and then lost.

It is followed by Richard Nixon, whose name appears on the ballot paper for the most recent presidential election in modern times, and who has been the victim of various situations. He was nominated by the Republican Party for the presidency but lost to John F. Kennedy. He remained silent in the next election and returned to the field in 1968. Not only did he win the election this time, but he was re-elected four years later. He is the only US president to have resigned.

George W. Bush Sr. was the last vice president to win the presidency. He was Ronald Reagan’s vice president in 1980 and 1984 and became president himself in 1988 but failed to win re-election in 1992 and was defeated by Bill Clinton. There have been five vice presidents who ran for president, but success did not follow in their footsteps. In 1856, James Buchanan’s vice president, John Breckenridge, lost to Abraham Lincoln in 1860.

The reason landed on the field and failed miserably. Hubert Humphrey, London B. Johnson’s vice president, ran for president in 1968 and lost to Richard Nixon. Ditch. The latest incident is not so old when Bill Clinton’s 1992 and 1996 vice president L. Gore decided to run against George W. Bush Jr. in 2000 but failed to become president despite receiving more popular votes than he did. Biden runs to prevent President Trump from being re-elected, which some analysts say is not an easy task. Experience has shown that he does not succeed when a president or vice president contests after a break.

In US presidential election, If Biden did that, he would be the first person to do so. otherwise, at least it would not be worse than Mondell, who lost 49 of the 50 states in 1984. Candidates from both parties are currently trying to garner voters’ support in the states that play a decisive role. Addressing the rally, President Trump criticized the resumption of lockdown in Europe due to the covid-19, saying he would not shut down the USA economy under any circumstances.

Addressing a rally in Philadelphia, Joe Biden once again slammed President Trump’s strategy of dealing with Corona. Will announce its victory on election night before the results of Public opinion polls across the United States ahead of the Nov.



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