Karachi: Murder of 5-year-old Marwa victim arrested

Karachi: Murder of 5-year-old Marwa victim arrested

Karachi: Murder of 5-year-old Marwa victim arrested

The killer of 5-year-old girl Marwa, a resident of the Isa Nagri area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKarachi, has been arrested. Information indicates that a tortured girl’s body was discovered in Karachi a couple of days ago. After being raped, she was raped, a heavy object was hit on the head, and killed. Police also detained several suspects during the investigation.

According to the police, the killer of the girl was none other than Masoom Marwa’s neighbor. Accused Nawaz was arrested based on evidence found at the scene. Police said that after inspecting the house of the accused, the house was washed away. The curtain of accused Nawaz’s home was found in a garbage can in which he threw the wrapped body of the girl in the garbage can.

The police said more information had been obtained, and the accused was being questioned. The investigation will proceed on
the basis of the facts.

It should be noted that a 5-year-old girl from PIB Colony had gone out to fetch something from her house two days ago. Marwa had been kidnapped, and her body was retrieved two days later from a waste bin . The girl’s death became a top trend on social media under the name ‘Justice for Marwa’ in which the arrest of the killers was demanded.


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