Kuwait’s Supreme Judicial Council appoints 8 women judges.

Kuwait's Supreme Judicial Council appoints 8 women judges

Kuwait's Supreme Judicial Council appoints 8 women judgesAccording to Kuwaiti media, 54 judges have been appointed in the Kuwaiti Supreme Judicial Council (Supreme Court), including 8 female judges. All these women judges have also taken the oath of office. After the approval and swearing-in of 8 female judges, Kuwait is now the first Gulf country to approve the appointment of a large number of female judges.

According to the rules of Kuwait’s Supreme Judicial Council, the work of all judges, including women judges, will be reviewed shortly.

Kuwait is a broad-minded country in terms of appointing women to key government positions, but there are still some people who do impose some restrictions on housewives in one way or another. Luluah Saleh al-Mulla, head of the Kuwaiti Women’s Cultural and Social Society, says she has a long struggle behind appointing women judges in her country.


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