Lollywood is no less than anyone in nepotism!

Lollywood is no less than anyone in kinship!

People associated with Pakistani showbiz are making a lot of noise on the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput.

In Bollywood, nepotism is known as “nepotism”. But the truth is that this cancer of nepotism is equally present on both sides of the border. It can even be said that talent sooner or later finds recognition and status in the Indian film industry.

Still, in Pakistan, this poison of nepotism has spread to such a depth that in almost every drama and film you have nepotism. The offspring of a famous artist representing will be seen.

In the world of showbiz and style, kinship is like the feudal lord of a village, in front of which no one is allowed to flourish. This is a feudal system in which the father will be replaced by his son or daughter, whether they have the talent or not, but no outsider is given a chance.

No one talks openly about a toxic epidemic like nepotism in Lollywood because Pakistan’s showbiz industry is much smaller than Bollywood, so there aren’t many people here to talk about whose voice echoes style and fashion. Let’s create tremors in this world.
Bushra Ansari’s family

It would be more appropriate to call Pakistan showbiz industry as showbiz family instead of the industry because it is a small family, where the so-called showbiz people give more importance to their family and relatives in front of new talent.

The biggest example of this is the drama “Zebaish” which is being aired on a private channel nowadays, in which almost the entire family of actress Bushra Ansari is present.

Bushra Ansari has also written the drama “Zebayesh”, and she is also playing the lead role in the play, Asma Abbas is playing the role of Nadira Rani, is the sister of Bushra Ansari.

Actress Zara Noor Abbas is the daughter of Asma Abbas and niece of Bushra Ansari, and this is also her role in the play. There is also Asad Siddiqui in the play who is actually the husband of Zara Noor Abbas and this is probably his role in the play as well.

Besides, Iqbal Hussain, the alleged second husband of Bushra Ansari, is also present in the play. This drama is the best example of a deadly epidemic like ‘nepotism’ in Pakistan showbiz.



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