Manual DNA computer that detects water pollution

Manual DNA computer that detects water pollution
Manual DNA computer that detects water pollution

Illinois: There are many filters around the world that identify contaminated water, but now a very interesting water sensor based on real DNA has been created, but it expresses pollution in computer language.

Julius Lux of Northwestern University in Illinois has developed a bio-computer sensor that works from DNA, which is very low cost and simple. On the one hand, it is a simple sensor that shows water pollution, on the other hand, it will also advance the development of biological computers.

Just one drop of water can detect this contamination. It contains the DNA of a modified protein that emits light molecules in the presence of contaminated alchemy components. In this way, one can only guess how dirty the water sample is.

An unsuccessful attempt was made to add live bacteria to the first filter. But even its engineering did not help because it was very difficult to keep the bacteria active. This was followed by a study of synthetic (synthetic) organisms.


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