Melania decides to divorce President Trump

Melania decides to divorce President Trump, British newspaper.
Melania decides to divorce President Trump, British newspaper.

Washington: Following President Trump’s election defeat, Melania Trump has decided to go to court for divorce.

A report published in Britain’s leading newspaper. The Independent claims that Melania Trump, 50, the first lady of the United States, has decided to end her 15-year marriage with her 74-year-old husband, Donald Trump.

The report reveals that Melania is awaiting President Trump’s resignation and will then file for divorce. Melania decided after four years of a strained marriage, during which the couple separated.

The report also cites a recent statement by Omarosa, a former White House staffer and close aide to Melania Trump. He said the first lady was considering a divorce from the president.

Earlier, journalist and author Steffi Vinson Volkov, Melania Trump’s first secretary, revealed in her book. The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady, that President Trump had stuck with two first lady Melania and Ivanka, in the White House.

In general, President Trump’s inclination is towards Ivanka, the daughter, the first wife model Ivana Trump. What makes Melania angry?

Melania and Trump were married in 2005 but their strained relationship was first felt during the last presidential campaign. When Melania was less enthusiastic about her husband’s campaign.

Several reports in the US media have claimed a strained relationship between President Trump and his wife. While Melania Trump and Ivanka, the daughter of Trump’s first wife, have been blamed.


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