Mosque shooter from New Zealand sentenced without parole to life.


Mosque shooter from New Zealand sentenced without parole to life

According to Aljazeera; The first in New Zealand to have been sentenced to life without parole is Brenton Tarrant that killed 51 Muslims while praying.

A New Zealand court sentenced a confessed white supremacist who killed 51 Muslims while praying for life unconditional imprisonment in two mosques in Christchurch for the first time in New Zealand, a sentence of that kind was handed down.

The 29-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant pleaded guilty earlier this year of 51 murder charges, 40 murder charges, and an indictment of terror in the Marches 2019 rampage on Facebook in southern City.
When judge Cameron Mander delivered on Thursday’s sentence, the High Court judge said Tarrant was insufficient for a finite term of such a crime and had no remorse.
” you did unbearable crime for that you should be keep in the prisoner for the whole life.,” says Mander.

” you don’t have any regret for the.”
At a court hearing opening on Monday, Prosecutors said that Tarrant had long planned attacks and wanted to make immigrants fearful.
The killer had represented himself and said that he did not object to the sentence through a lawyer on Thursday. Tarrant was wearing grey jail clothes, and was surrounded by guards.
” There is no place for the hater who came over the country and killed the innocent of the community,” said Mander.


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