NAB has taken back my special chair on the orders of Imran Khan, Shahbaz Sharif

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Shahbaz Sharif has complained in court that he had called for a special chair from home for back pain which was withdrawn by NAB on the orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The case against Shahbaz Sharif and others was heard in the accountability court. The NAB team presented Shahbaz Sharif to the accountability court.

On this occasion, Shahbaz Sharif told the court that the court gave commendable order regarding giving me food at the last hearing, the matter of food was resolved on your prior notice. Respectable Judge, everyone knows I have back pain, and NAB took the special chair I had ordered from home on the orders of Imran Khan and Shehzad Akbar.

Shahbaz Sharif said that he had been given a special chair. I sit on it and pray as well as eat, because of which the back pain is continuously increasing, they want to hurt a person who is already in pain, where is the justice? Shahbaz Sharif demanded from the court that please allow me to undergo therapy for my back pain on which the superior Judge directed Shahbaz Sharif to write a formal application and the court would issue a detailed order.


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