Netherlands Leading Dutch professional boxing star Ruby Miso converted to Islam

Netherlands Leading Dutch professional boxing star Ruby Miso converts to Islam

Ruby Miso, also known as “The Tyson Lady,” a world-renowned kickboxing professional, has converted to Islam. Ruby Miso belonged to the first Christian religion before converting to Islam. She is known to have started reading about Islam a few years ago and was so influenced by Islamic teachings that she became a regular convert to Islam. I decided to enter.

Ruby Miso converted to Islam in front of other witnesses at a mosque in the Netherlands. She shared the news with her fans on Twitter, which was later removed.

In the photos, Ruby can be seen wearing a hijab and holding a certificate issued by the relevant authorities after converting to Islam. It should be noted that people in Europe and other parts of the world are recognizing the true spirit of Islam and are entering the realm of Islam in large numbers. Famous Canadian tourist Rosie Gabriel also converted to Islam earlier this year. She said that Islam is a religion that is misinterpreted and criticized all over the world.


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