Pakistan-China relationship unequaled in inter-state relations: PM

Pakistan-China relationship unequaled in inter-state relations: PM
Pakistan-China relationship unequaled in inter-state relations: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan stated on Friday that the Pakistan-China relationship is unparalleled in terms of inter-state ties, describing it as “unwavering mutual support, mutual trust, and mutual respect.”
Prime Minister Imran Khan stated in a Global Times article that this “iron-brotherhood” has blossomed into a robust and lively “all-weather strategic cooperative partnership” after being fostered by successive generations of leaders and the people over seven decades.
He said that their connection was time-tested and ageless, transcending traditional inter-state norms and withstanding the vicissitudes of regional and global events.
“The grand celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of our diplomatic ties last year helped in injecting a new vigor and vitality to our friendship,” he added.
“For us in Pakistan, relations with China are the cornerstone of our foreign policy enjoying support across the political spectrum. I can say with great confidence that our people fully understand the real value of this friendship and enthusiastically contribute to its splendor and glory. No wonder special metaphors have been coined to illustrate its depth and intensity; the expression Ba Tie only reserved for Pakistanis in China is one such example,” he further said.
The premier said that in the next few days, he will be going to Beijing to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games. “Being a sportsperson myself, I can very well relate to the spirit that sporting events like Olympics instill in a nation. I strongly feel that sports should be a unifying factor and should transcend politics. I congratulate the leadership and people of China for hosting this mega event and wish all participants safe, healthy, and successful games,” he said.


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