Pakistan Our Proud

Pakistan Our Proud
Pakistan Our Proud

In the morning, the sun was making flowers with its rays, growing the flowers on the trees, making the fragrance spring with sweetness. The birds were sitting in the nests on the trees, thanking the blessings of their Lord.
Humans raised their hands asking for freedom from painful slavery and meeting to react and pleading that the Lord almighty came out of this slavery. In this, by the grace of Allah almighty, the intention of being transparent and the true intentions of the heart, the welfare of human beings, the improvement, the good and the lion of Bengal Maulvi Abdul Haq presented the resolution in Lahore.
Chaudhry Khaliq-uz-Zaman, Maulana Tafir Ali Khan, Sir Abdullah Haroon, Sardar Aurangzeb, Nawab Ismail, Qazi Muhammad Isa, and Begum Muhammad Ali Jauhar passed the resolution of Lahore, thus containing four hundred words and four short words which were called resolution of Pakistan. In the areas where the majority of Muslims are present, Muslims should be presented in the constitution with the proper, effective and complete protection of religious, cultural, economic, political, administrative, and other rights interests. The resolution was changed in Lahore called the Pakistan resolution. May Allah open the doors of his infinite love and mercy.
On August 14, 1947, under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam, Pakistan came into being and on the occasion, he said, “The more we suffer, the sacrifices we can give, the purer, the pure and the strong nation will emerge. The sun becomes a cannon in the fire”. Then the leader said; In this case, no nation in the world could compete with us in democracy.
While addressing the poor people who sacrificed, he said, “If Muslims fail in their intentions and goals, then they will be deceived.” As it has been in the past. Then the landlords of this country and capitalists took control of the government and considered the government to be a gold mine.
Here the approval of Europe started with the help of the government’s strength and power. The first work of the approved government was to keep the people here educated, creating laborers, slaughtering laborers, and living in the lives of poor people.
For almost seven hundred years, Muslims have had education and research, technical studies, creations, inventions, dry springs, dry wings. By ending the prayer of the security of the other, the mother likes to teach her lovely, healthy children to shake hands (shake hand), hello.
The father would have been relieved to complete the papers by giving money to corrupt agents for his job or making fake papers after taking an educational degree from his uncle, then the pouch, the children.
Landlords, investors’ strong control over the country’s government has always oppressed the country’s production, and then buying basic needs from the non-nation at a very low price, selling the country’s poor people at a very high price, making a lot of profit by taking wealth out of the country and weakening the country and nation.
Reduce the production of your country by harming your country’s factories, factories in every possible way, unless every person who asks for his energy, does not contribute to increasing production, the country does not go towards prosperity.
Unless every step will be taken to give something, to do something, to make something, poverty, compulsions will not be reduced. Unless every village is hungry, there will be no college, university in the town, there will be no lack of ignorance. As long as research, creation, inventions, knowledge and art research from place to place will not become the center, Muslim nation will not become the ideal nation. The compulsion to kill non-will continue. The golden goals of March 23 will not be fulfilled.


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