Pakistan plays an important role for Peace

Pakistan plays an important role for Peace
Pakistan plays an important role for Peace

Afghanistan and Pakistan are the most important Islamic countries in the region. Pakistan is the second state to emerge on the world map in the name of Islam. Islam teaches us to live with peace. Islam always promoting peace. In Quran Allah Almighty says:
“O You who believe! Enter absolutely into peace. Do not follow the footsteps of satan. He is your outright enemy.” (Holy Quran: 2, 208)

We believe in the religion of Islam. We believe in Allah and peace. As Muslims, it’s our religious duty to maintain peace in the region. That’s why we, the people of Pakistan, want peace in our homeland and also other countries.

Pakistan has always been a well-wisher and supporter of Afghanistan. A stable and prosperous Afghanistan is very important for Pakistan. Peace in Afghanistan means peace in Pakistan. Because peace and stability in the region are linked to long-lasting peace in Afghanistan.

General Qamar Javed Bajwa also reiterated that peaceful Afghanistan means a peaceful region in general and a peaceful Pakistan in particular, and said:
“We will always support the Afghan-led-Afghan-owned peace process.”

Throughout history, Pakistan is the only country that truly believes that stability and peace in Afghanistan are essential. No other country wants peace in Afghanistan more than Pakistan. Pakistan gave everlasting sacrifices for peace, especially for the Afghan peace process. Endured an economic burden worth trillions of rupees with the loss of thousands of precious human lives. It also faced economic sanctions.

Millions of Afghan refugees lived in Pakistan for more than 40 years, leaving the country in the grip of major problems related to drugs, peace, Human trafficking, and proliferation of illegal weapons. All these unfavorable conditions were endured by the Pakistani Govt and nation because Pakistan believes that without Afghan peace, security in the region and stability in Pakistan, cannot be achieved. Pakistan played a vital role in bringing peace to Afghanistan and paved the way for successful dialogue between the Afghan Taliban and the international community. Pakistan’s internal situation may be complicated but Pakistan can never think bad for other countries especially for brother Muslim country. It is the result of Pakistan’s true struggle, a historic peace agreement has been reached between the USA and the Afghan Taliban.

Despite all this, Pakistan is being accused of being an obstacle to peace and supporting terrorist groups. But that is just spurious allegations. The reality of which is nothing. Actually, Pakistan is the only country striving for strategic stability and peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan wants peace and stability in the whole world. Pakistan always stands with Brother Muslim countries.


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