Pakistan’s chances of being blacklisted by FATF are gone

Pakistan's chances of being blacklisted by FATF are gone

Pakistan will remain on the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force. Pakistan implemented on 21 out of 27 recommendations after which its chances of being blacklisted have been ruled out, and now Pakistan will be able to get out of the grey list in June 2021.

India tried to politicize the issue and tried its best to blacklist Pakistan for this they also made contact with FATF member countries. Pakistan has also completed 20 percent work on the remaining six clauses, and also removed 16 hurdles from Parliament through legislation. Before June, Pakistan will be able to implement the remaining six clauses. February next year Pakistan may get an on-site visit.

During the site visit, FATF members will visit Pakistan to review the implementation of action points. The FATF provided Pakistan with 27 action points for compliance. So far, Pakistan has implemented on 21 action points. The government has also passed laws for FATF from the National Assembly.



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