Paris: Pakistani-born attack on newspaper office for publishing blasphemous sketches.

Charlie Hebdo's office

Charlie Hebdo's officeA young man stabbed two people outside the former office of a French newspaper publishing blasphemous sketches in Paris, injuring two people.
French media claim that the main accused is 18 years old and belongs to Pakistan while seven people, including the main accused and an Algerian citizen, have been arrested.

According to French officials, the victims suffered severe injuries.
The prosecutor said two employees of the documentary company were injured in the attack and the attacker did not know them.
On the other hand, the French Interior Minister termed the incident as terrorism and said that terrorists have carried out a new bloody attack in the country.

The young man also released a video statement in which he tells his name as Zaheer Ahmad, a resident of Mandi Bahauddin; nowadays he stays in Paris, he also said that in his video that toady 25 September he is going to attack the notorious newspaper that publishes blasphemous sketches Charlie Hebdo’s office.
And in this video clip, he put up a slogan
لبیک لبیک یا رسول اللہ لبیک



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