PlayStation Games are Coming to Mobile Phones Soon

PlayStation Games are Coming to Mobile Phones Soon
PlayStation Games are Coming to Mobile Phones Soon

Some of Sony’s iconic PlayStation games will make it to smartphones later this year. This was confirmed by Sony’s CEO, Jim Ryan, who said that the company’s expansion into mobile applications will begin this year.

While speaking at the Investor Relation Day event of the company, Ryan hinted that Sony could take steps to bring PlayStation’s IP to smartphones, bringing some of the most notable titles to a wider audience. This massive expansion could significantly change the outlook of Sony’s PlayStation brand since the company will get access to another large set of customers. This will also result in increased returns from mobile gaming applications.

Besides Sony, other major names, including Microsoft, Nintendo, Epic Games, and even Google, have moved to join the mobile gaming platform. The possibility of getting your PlayStation games on mobile sounds quite promising. Sony does not expect significant returns in the short term, but that could change in the future once its mobile infrastructure is well established.

Some sources claim that Sony will release a vast variety of its in-house PlayStation games for mobile. It is expected to happen during the first year of its expansion, though Sony has not provided a rollout strategy. It is also unclear whether the releases will be simultaneous for iOS and Android.


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