Prime Minister Imran Khan mobilizes to pass the FATF bill.

Prime Minister Imran Khan mobilizes to pass the FATF bill.

Prime Minister Imran Khan mobilizes to pass the FATF bill.The government convened a meeting of the National Assembly to pass the FATF bill.

The government has decided to pass the FATF, money laundering, and other pending bills and has stepped up contacts with legislation’s opposition.

A meeting of PTI and government spokespersons was held under the chairmanship of Imran Khan yesterday. Shah Mehmood Qureshi briefed the Prime Minister on the opposition parties’ concerns and issues related to obstruction of legislation.

Imran Khan said in this regard that India wants Pakistan to be included in the FATF blacklist, and the plan of India and the opposition is the same on the issue of FATF, the spokesman should take the role of the opposition before the people. Come on. The Prime Minister further said that the opposition was harming the country to cover up its corruption and amend the money laundering law for personal gain. Therefore the opposition was creating obstacles in the way of legislation to blackmail the government.

However, the government has decided that the FATF and other pending bills will be passed as soon as possible. A meeting of the National Assembly has been convened on September 7, with a joint sitting of Parliament likely to be convened next week. Is. To ensure MLAs’ attendance during the legislation, Chief Whip of the National Assembly Amir Dogar has initiated liaison with government and coalition MLAs and directed them to ensure their participation in the session. Besides, Imran Khan will meet the senators of PTI and other allied parties today. The prime minister will issue instructions to the senators regarding vital legislation passed in the National Assembly.


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