Protest rally of the religious party: Islamabad sealed due to security concerns

Protest rally of the religious party: Islamabad sealed due to security concerns

Islamabad sealed due to security concerns. Federal capital police issue a new traffic plan: Faizabad interchange closed for traffic on all four sides. Metro bus service in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, is suspended due to the closure of Faizabad Interchange and a new traffic plan has also been issued. Traffic coming from Lahore is being diverted from T-Cross chowk towards Rawat to Rawalpindi, and heavy traffic coming from Peshawar will be diverted from 26 number chungi towards the motorway.

According to the new traffic plan, Express Chowk is closed for traffic on both sides of Kulsoom Plaza Jinnah Avenue. Citizen uses Nazimuddin and Margalla Road while Polyclinic Chowk Fazal and Haq Road in Islamabad are closed for traffic on both sides. Faizabad Interchange on all four sides closed for traffic. From Rawal Dam Chowk to Faizabad and from Zero Point to Faizabad, both sides are closed for traffic.

Islamabad: Traffic flow has been disrupted due to protests by religious parties. People should avoid unnecessary travel to avoid any trouble. Faizabad is closed to traffic from all sides. Islamabad Traffic Police Trying to recover quickly. Deputy Commissioner Islamabad has also requested the people to adopt alternative routes.

It should be noted that a religious party had staged a protest rally in Rawalpindi against the publication of sketches of the Prophet of Islam in France. Clashes are reported between the participants and the police. A heavy contingent of police is deployed at Zero Point in the federal capital. Entrances and exits to the capital Islamabad are partially closed. However, the administration has asked citizens not to travel unnecessarily. It is believed that the religious party has closed the French embassy. Furthermore, they demand the eviction of the ambassador Participants say they will remain in the capital.


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