Punjab experts warn second wave of corona virus in Punjab yet again:

second wave of corona virus in punjab

second wave of corona virus in punjab

The Health and medical expert have warned again the second wave of corona virus in Punjab if the public keeps ignoring the preventive measures during Muharram.
Punjab government had decided to impose micro-smart lockdown in 17 sites of Lahore, Rawalpindi and Gujranwala. Of them, 12 sites had been identified in Lahore, three in Rawalpindi and two in Gujranwala, the health expert said and added that 19,538 people of the 17 sites in Lahore would face some sorts of restrictions, 947 in Rawalpindi and 53 people in Gujranwala during the micro lockdown.
According to the official report, samples of 34,282 people were taken from markets, 4,810 from shopping plazas, 5,953 from tourist spots, 2,255 from hotels, 2,018 from restaurants, 684 shrines, 4,658 from polio/healthcare workers, 3,968 from government officers and 1,180 samples were drawn from Majalis.
the medical and health experts were afraid that the threat was still there as there might SOP violations in the majalis during Muharram.
The health and medical minister warned the public of Punjab that If they keep ignoring the SOPs , there are many chances of second wave of corona virus .


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