Remembering Usman Kakar Lala

Remembering Usman Kakar Lala
Remembering Usman Kakar Lala

A well-literate personality from the Muslim Bagh Balochistan is known as the Sensation and role model for the Youth of Pakistan, politics was in his blood from a very young age he started the service of his people despite the belonging to a well-off family and became a student leader to mobilize the students all over the country & became the Secretary ( A highest ) designation in Pukhtoon Khaw Milli Awami party Youth wing, where he got the initial political Training from khan Abdul salad khan Ackzai &mehmod khan, that Commitment to his people and the consistently working for his people made him the president of PKmAp. He was a strategist and architect of his party hierarchy, he was too committed to politics and His party, he conducted surveys throughout his life for his party. He was the staunch Follower of Khan Abdul Ghaffar khan & Khan Abdul Sammad Achakzai 

Usman Lala was a pro-democratic, anti-establishment who always raised his voice against the undemocratic forces’ interference in the politics which cost his own life.,  He always raised his voice for federalism and considered that Pakistan should be a strong federal government with an equal share of the generating units, believes in Class Struggle raised his stance against the Elites in every field, and one of his principle stands was on the Stop interference in Afghanistan let them live peacefully in the and government they want not over proxies, He stood with students for the student’s rights against the ban of Students unions always participated in Students March & Students cause. Always working with the local government and want to have strong Local government all over the country. He was the strong voice of the force on minorities’ rights Standing with all the other smaller nations like Baloch’s, they consider him as their solo voice. He does understand the issue of Balochistan. Lala was a Firm believer in Pluralism and against any kind of fascism 

After a tireless life and his services to the people, he got the chance in Senate and became a senator now all the marginalized people got their voice in Senate. Lala represented All the Small nations so bravely and selflessly put the stance of all the people in the senate, Students, Workers, Farmers, Doctors, and minorities all got their voice on the highest platform.

Lala got a scholarship, and reserved quota seats for the erstwhile FATA students after so struggles as always, the Lala would stand with the Senate, and without the senate, He stood with the Sabzi mandi workers where so many times fire breakout and all of their belonging where destroyed Only Lala would come out with them led them to fight for their rights and do All the Thana Chacheri Alone.

All the democratic movements, All the media freedom movements he was always in front of APDM, PDM all of the democratic movements, for the freedom of independent Media and Free media Lala would stand with them for their rights, in 2015-2021 he was the only sane voice in the Senate of Pakistan would speak without having the fear of anyone.  Stood firm for the Principle and Democracy in Pakistan.

Lala wants a  democratic Pakistan where every ethnicity gets equal rights and opportunities no one has the hegemony over any ethnicity, 

Independent judiciary and independent Parliament were his core beliefs for which fought throughout his life, want no interference from the ghost forces in Politics either Political elites or any other, and Always consider the only power corridor belongs to the people, not any personality.

Lala was a ray of hope for the younger generation and youth that everyone now idealizes Lala because of his unprecedented services and commitment to his people. Lala once said that politics are now the lives of pukhtoon & every pukhtoon should do politics for his people for the betterment of his people. Every person should understand their resources Of his nations & raise voice for the proper share in every kind of resources jobs, power, etc.

For Youth, he is a hero and an ideal on his death every person was sad and mourning because they all lost their voice, they lost their selfless leader. A pro-democratic voice, an advocate of Baloch in every marginalized sector, and well principled, and never compromise on the principle and democracy and rights of his people, Lala’s ideology can get Pakistan out of its problems.


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