Rizwan is irritating England on the second test


Mohammad Rizwan disappointed England with a fine unbeatable fifty at the second Southampton test on Friday, as he marked Pakistan ‘s Independence Day.
Pakistan was 223-9 when bad light led to an early end of second day despite the Age as Bowl floodlights on full power.
After more than three hours, Rizwan was 60 not out at the plinth.
It was the second half-year-old wicket keeper of eight career tests in Brisbane in November, after his 95 against Australia.
At 176-8 Pakistan was at risk of dismissal under 200.
But Muhammad Abbas, who made 2 of the 20 shots, helped Rizwan in 39, before he was in
Stuart Broad’s mouthpiece.
Luckily, for the umpires, there were no angry spectators in a series played behind closed doors due to Corona virus when they stopped putting for bad light ten minutes after tea; nor the batsmen nor the fielders were more at risk of injury than before.
Pakistan is credited with the time play that took place in the morning following the rainy delay, without losing a wicket when the lunch was on 155-5, when gloomy conditions were ideally suited to England’s four-man pace attack.
However, Babar Azam was finally undone for 47 hours in almost two and a half hours after he had finished an excellent Wide delivery, which was late transferred to Jos Buttler.
However, on 14 Rizwan mistaken a hook off Wide, the English glove man could not have a difficult leg side chance. Throughout Pakistan’s three winded loss at Old Trafford last week, yasir Shah, who momentarily rattled England with the bat, was caught behind James Anderson on a booming drive.
Anderson ‘s departure saw him transform as the first pace man in six hundred test wickets, in seven wickets.


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