Russian V-Logger set fire to his new Mercedes

Russian V-Logger set fire to his new Mercedes

Moscow: Russian V-Logger has completely burnt his brand new Mercedes car to ashes. He was not satisfied with the company’s after-sales service.

Mikhail Latvian, a young Vlogger, has also uploaded a record of burning a valuable car on YouTube, which has been viewed by more than 10 million people so far.

Mikhail bought a brand new Mercedes AMG, G63 in December 2019 for which he spent 170,000 Dollar (Rs. 272 ​​million). But he was not satisfied with his car, and his frustration had turned to anger.

According to sources, he went to the Mercedes workshop four times after buying the car, but his car could not be repaired satisfactorily. Then, for the fourth time, the company’s authorized workshop refused to repair the vehicle. Then he drove his car to a friend who was a Mercedes mechanic. He said some parts in the vehicle were not original and had been installed from another local company.

His anger escalated, and he decided to say goodbye to his Mercedes AMG G63 in a dramatic way. They took it to a deserted place and sprayed it with fuel and set the car on fire. He has also made video the whole scene with drones and other cameras. He also used dramatic Russian music to show the burning car. And the video has been viewed more than 10 million times on social media.

However, the public has reacted mixedly to the incident. Some called it the right move, while the majority said they could have sold the car to reduce their losses. Some on social media user has called it a play to become famous.


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