Sahiwal: PTI leader’s bullying, slapped a female government employee

Sahiwal: PTI leader's bullying, slapped a female government employee

Sahiwal: PTI leader's bullying, slapped a female government employee

Sahiwal General Post Office Workers Strike Protest Against Bullying and Expressing Solidarity with Senior Postmaster Sofia Qasim. Staff closed the post office in protest of the incident. City police registered an FIR against PTI leader Naveed Aslam on the complaint of Sofia Qasim, a victim of violence, and arrested the accused Naveed Aslam.

Senior postmaster Sofia Qasim, who was the victim of the violence, said that a man named Naveed Aslam entered my room. As soon as he came, he started slapping me without giving any reason. He did not complain, did not mention the problem but started slapping and abusing as soon as he came.

Sofia Qasim said that I found out about his arrival only when he slapped me in the face, then he grabbed me by the arm, dragged me and started threatening me that I will kill you, I will see you. According to Sofia Qasim, he was regularly gnashing his teeth in my office saying that I am a PTI worker, nothing can harm me, I will call Buzdar Sahib now, I will pick you all up now. He also had a weapon.

Sofia Qasim said that the incident took place in broad daylight when a man entered the office, slapped a government official who is a woman, tarnished her honour and was released on bail the next day. Police added provisions in the FIR that were bailable, and he was at home on bail the next day.


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