Season of Wailing

Season of Waling
Season of Waling

This is the season of wailing for all those who are watching their political career falter. All these politicians were not accustomed to such treatment, they are not convinced that they are being treated in this way unlike in the past and they are no longer being saved by their traditional benefactors.
Every day, rumors are circulating from the powerful circles about the agreement. Whether it is Sharif or Bhutto / Zardari, in practice there are questions of concession which he once considered his prerogative. The Sharif camp is reverberating with the news that their leader is returning after settling issues with his rivals, while Zardari is shouting that he has been asked for help in rectifying the situation in the country.
The circle around Nawaz Sharif is getting narrower with two references. The British government has refused to extend his visa further and his appeal to a court is likely to be rejected soon. Whether it was the illness and the consequent escape to London, or the pretext for treatment, he has been lying boldly. When their appeal is rejected, they will have no legal means to stay in the UK with their current status. Options include obtaining political asylum which they are told they will not do shifting to another country that is willing to accept it, or allowing them to complete their prison term. I have to come back to Pakistan.
On the other hand, Rana Shamim’s tactic turned out to be a hoax. He had earlier refused to acknowledge the authenticity of the affidavit filed in the court. After looking at the contents of the sealed copy of the original affidavit, a judicial bench on January 7 indicted him and others involved in contempt of court. Has decided this decision has turned the tide of that Sharif’s who played this game to put pressure on the courts to get relief in pending cases.
On the Zardari front, the PPP government in Sindh is gradually weakening under increasing political pressure due to corruption and poor performance in the province, even in the rural areas which are generally considered its stronghold. Every day there are cases in the courts where reprimand of its leaders is the norm. Yet their leaders are not ashamed to say that unknown people have asked them to help fix the situation in the country and that they have made it a condition to oust the current government. They are unaware of the fact that times have changed drastically and now perhaps there is not much sympathy left for these corrupt leaders. Of course, his possible political death will affect many people who have been receiving a lot of wealth from him in the past and who want to keep the national treasury alive for themselves in the future. It is not surprising that politically restless politicians are now being artificially kept alive only on television screens and in the pages of newspapers. Therefore, on the one hand, their stories of corruption are constantly being published. ۔
However, their punishment and being out of the political arena will not end the scourge of crime and corruption. A long struggle must be started to rid society of these numerous pollutants. This is not an easy task. It will require a series of well-intentioned, progressive, pragmatic, prudent, and effective policies, transparent, accountable, and functioning institutions that will work on various fronts with determination and dedication. We have to bridge the gap with deliberate measures to target all the evils in Pakistan. This is a big challenge, but one that needs to be addressed quickly and seriously. The Pakistan we have today is not at all in line with the vision that the Quaid expressed on August 11, 1947: a liberal, progressive, enlightened, and tolerant country. Instead, we have turned it into a reactionary and bigoted country. But Pakistan has to move forward because without it there is no way out.


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