Shaniera Akram: Real Men Don’t Rape

Shaniera Akram: Real Men Don't Rape

Shaniera Akram: Real Men Don't Rape

Former Pakistani cricket captain Wasim Akram’s wife and social activist Shaniera Akram also wrote on the motorway rape incident using the hashtag ‘RealMenDontRape’ that real man don’t rape women but protects women. He respects them, and he is kind, he is trustworthy, and supportive.

She tweeted on social networking site Twitter that the real men are only calling their husbands, fathers, and brothers; they are not calling the beasts who desecrate women, real men.


  1. Very well said. Real men such qualities are those sensitized men who value femininity. Such ideals are seldom found in patriarchal society like ours.


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