Signature campaign for Kashmir Cause

Signature campaign for Kashmir Cause
Signature campaign for Kashmir Cause

People from different sects of life are the voice of Kashmiris – who are facing the fascism of Hindutava and Modi in recent years.
Everyone has their own style of raising their voice for the Kashmir cause, one style which is adopted by Nazish Altaf and her team Jammu and Kashmir liberation Cell is a signature campaign to show solidarity with Kashmiris and their right to self-determination. Nazish Altaf is a youth activist, while talking to the media She said that ” Kashmir is important for all of us as oxygen for life”.She paid her hearty thanks to the Jammu Kashmir liberation Cell for providing her the opportunity as She’s Program manager and Media Coordinator there. It was her first assignment and she did more than best. She added that she had always been working for the Kashmir cause, but this time JKLC provide her with a platform with international reach as well.
She further said Kashmir seeks the attention of the whole world as there’s curfew since August 2019. she added, How Human rights related institutions can deny what the Modi government has been doing with people of Occupied Kashmir in the recent past. She said every dark night has a bright morning, so there will come a day when Kashmir and Kashmiris would get rid of Hindutava and Fascist Modi.


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